Berger des Pyrčnčes und ihre spannenden Abenteuer!


ist vollzahnig,
Hüften A
Ellbogen ok
Knie ok
Augenbefund ok
er ist 45 cm groß
startet im Agility  in der Klasse A3 Large
er ist ein Gentleman und nicht geräuschempfindlich

Brego hat mittlerweile in Polen die Zuchtzulassung und
in der Zuchtstätte kivasti die Hündin Martta (Tottakai Uniiki olen) gedeckt.

Brego wurde im April in Tschechien ausgestellt mit folgender  Beurteilung 
des Richters Alain Pecoult  (the president of R.A.C.P. )  und Platz 1 belohnt.

Fine specimen of demi long variety of the breed, a little feminine and
delicate at the moment, lightly built, rear angulation typical for demi-long variety
of the breed, coat a bit soft at the moment, excellent head and expression,
excellent temperament, very nice pointed nose, excellent dark eyes,
well set ears, excellent momevent, excellent set of the tail,
could flow a bit more in movement. 
Excellent, 1st place

Die Besitzerin Olga beschreibt Brego folgendermaßen:
I Thought would never get a male dog again and that I definetely prefer females...but then Brego was born and he was so special and so dear to me from the first moments already. I planned to keep a female from Brava´s litter, but then in the end I just could not resist him and never regretted that decision. He is my special " mamma´s boy", he tries very hard to please me and i just love his enthusiasm and energy. Thanks to him  I discovered that obedience can be as fun as agility, as he is keen to do anything as long as he does it with me. He is really great working dog, with tons of drive but still able to think to concentrate in all circumstances. He is really nice dog in everyday life as well, friendly with all the people and dogs. he can be really sweet, calm, and cuddly at home and raelly crazy and driven when working. He is not afraid of anything, he´s able to work in new environments, he doesn´t react to loud noises, crowds and other distractions. All in all, I couldn´t wish for a nicer dog and i´m really looking forward to seeing how he matures and reaches his full potential.

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